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Time For Ourselves
Time For Ourselves

Are you wondering what the best retirement jobs for seniors are?  You are not alone in asking that question.  As a senior citizen, you have to ask yourself; “What are my golden years going to hold for me?”  Most of us have worked hard all our lives trying to build something for our retirement but the game has changed since we started playing so many years ago.  We were told to get a job with a good company, work hard, be faithful and you’ll retire with a great pension, a gold watch and the admiration of all your colleagues.  The reality has been much different, however.  We have found ourselves moving from company to company just to survive in a world of hostile takeovers and bankruptcies.  In many cases, we’ve had to learn new job skills and reinvent ourselves numerous times throughout our careers.  All the while trying to build a retirement brick by brick only to find that as we near the age of retirement, we stand looking at a pile of bricks.  A small vested company retirement here a 401K or IRA there, maybe a small stock portfolio or some savings and of course there is Social Security if it survives. But, nothing that looks like it is going to carry us through our retirement years in comfort when you stack it all up.

A survey done by the website reports that 33% of Americans over 55 have $0 saved for retirement. Another 23% have less than $10,000 saved. That is an astounding 56% of Americans who have saved less than $10,000 for retirement. That is a pretty hard reality and I do hope you don’t fall into either of those groups. But what if you do?

American Individual Retirement Savings

What are the options if you find yourself in one of the groups mentioned above?  Social Security will never be enough to carry you through your retirement years.  The average monthly benefit for Social Security is just $1,342 a month, so there needs to be another income stream to make up what’s lacking.  Here is a link to a Social Security Benefits Calculator and a supplemental retirement income calculator that may help you estimate the extra income you’ll need to live well in retirement.  Currently released data indicates program trustees say Medicare will become insolvent in 2026. That’s three years earlier than previously forecast and Social Security will become insolvent in 2034.

Time To Dream Together
Time To Dream Together

If you are retiring soon, in the next few years or are already retired, there are options for you to make extra income but, depending on your physical condition, they may be limited.  If you are not yet retired, the good news is, you still have an opportunity to build the extra income streams that you need before you retire.  If you are already retired and looking for retirement jobs at home or part-time retirement jobs, I’ve put the following posts together to help you out with some ideas for the best retirement jobs for seniors.  I’ll be adding more ideas to this page periodically so check in often here at Wealth For Seniors to see what’s new.

Let’s take a look at a few options for pre-retirement and after retirement jobs to help determine what may be the best for you where you are now to give you Income growth options for retirement.  We’ll look at retirement jobs like full-time retirement jobs, at home jobs like affiliate marketing online, and part-time retirement jobs.  You’ll find ideas to think about on the posts below this post.  Please feel free to add suggestions and comments for each post.  And please return often to this site as I add new content and update the existing posts frequently.

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