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An Apple For Teacher
An Apple For Teacher

If you are or are soon to be a retired educator, there is a great need for substitute teachers, especially those who have the experience that you already have. Substitute Teachers provide continuity in the classroom for the students by allowing them to continue with their daily learning even when their normal teacher cannot be in class. If you are an early riser, this may be right down your alley. Substitute Teachers receive the call for work early in the morning and can be asked to report to any school in need. They are asked to step into many situations, from the normal instructor taking a sick day, a death in the family or covering for a honeymoon or vacation day. You’ll be asked to take over a lesson plan you’ve probably never seen before, build a rapport with a classroom of students and maintain order while educating their developing minds. You may only see a student for an hour and never see them again for the rest of their life but you have the opportunity to make a difference.  If you find that you don’t like subbing in a certain class or for a certain teacher, you can always try to avoid taking that class if you get a call. If you are certified in more than one area, you will have the opportunity to pick the best opportunities for you.

Being a substitute teacher doesn’t always mean you are sitting by the phone in the early morning waiting for that phone to ring. There are long-term substitute teaching positions available that can provide a steady income for a substitute teacher. At times a teacher may take a leave of absence and the district needs someone to take over the class for an extended period of time. I’ve also seen these arrangements turn into a full time teaching position for the substitute if the teacher decides not to return.

Isn’t being a substitute teacher only a job that persons with a college degree in education can do? Absolutely not. For a substitute position lasting more than 40 days, you are required to hold at least a Bachelor’s degree. While each state and school district will have their own requirements, it’s safe to say you’ll need at a minimum, a High School Diploma and be able to pass a background check. One resource for more information is the All Education Schools website.

You can check out more great advice like the video above at the Youtube channel for How To Be A Great Substitute Teacher.

Substitute teachers are always in demand and once you have established yourself and the school systems in your area become familiar with you, there will always be frequent opportunities to work. Subbing also gives you the freedom to be able to be your own boss, accept work when you want to and still have the opportunity to take the time you want for the most important things in life like grandchildren and travel. If you are reading this and are not retired but just starting a career in the field of education, subbing is a great way to get your foot in the door of your local school systems.  If you can prove yourself as a substitute teacher you could have your foot in the door for any full-time positions that will open up.

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