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Just what is Wealthy Affiliate?

For many years I have been looking for ways to make extra money to have a better life for me and my wife. I am a man with experience in a lot of areas and I’ve never had a problem getting and holding a job but all of my life I’ve been trading my time (my life) to others for money. Trying to get ahead, I’ve gone for some of the marketing businesses that have been presented to me by friends and you’d probably know them if I mentioned them by name but the fact is I could hardly ever make a cent after making the required monthly purchases. Not to mention the meetings along with time and money spent running all over creation pitching the system to others.

Then, by happenstance, I saw a video that talked about Internet marketing. I listened as this cool young guy promised fast cars and big houses with swimming pools if I’d just follow his system. By the end of the video, I decided that I certainly didn’t like the guy and the program that was being presented was just another scam. I wanted nothing to do with it. But what that video did do was get me thinking about selling online and that’s when I came across affiliate marketing. I started doing some digging online to find out what it really was. I’d heard of people selling their products on Amazon and making a lot of money, in fact, I have a friend who does that and that’s what I thought affiliate marketing was. Well, I was wrong. As I looked into it more deeply, I found that affiliate marketers actually sell what is offered by companies like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy and other gigantic or even small businesses. I found out I didn’t have to have an inventory or a shipping and receiving area in my garage or a brick and mortar business at all. I could stop selling my life to others for money and start building a business from my home online that would provide income for years to come.

As I did my investigation into Affiliate marketing, I found that I needed to build a website and then become an affiliate of the companies whose products I wanted to sell. I also found out that there are companies online that help folks like me get started in the affiliate marketing business. I did some more homework and looked at many companies to find one I could be comfortable trusting myself with and after a lot of comparing, I settled on Wealthy Affiliate.

I chose Wealthy Affiliate because they presented an opportunity that was real to my life experience. They didn’t promise me riches overnight or that it was going to be easy. They tell it like it is, that there is hard work involved and it can get frustrating. What Wealthy Affiliate does promise is they will give you great training and support and that you will be involved in a community of fellow affiliate marketers that will help you and who are reaching for the same goal you are. Financial success and independence. I want to quit trading my life for someone else’s dream for a little bit of money.

Through their online courses, Wealthy Affiliate has taught me everything I need to now to get my website up and running and making a profit and it was all FREE. They didn’t ask for one cent to get signed up and get started and gave me access to build my first website for free.

So, how do I make money online with Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing?

Well, I do it by helping people. I give them information and help them solve a problem. I make a website about a specific topic that people need help with. When they search online using Google, Bing or another search engine, they can find the articles I’ve written on my website and read them. Sometimes the articles will have a product that relates to that subject. If the reader clicks on that product link it will take them to Amazon or maybe another company that I’m an affiliate of. If the reader buys something, I make some money. It’s really very simple.

There are 4 basic steps to go through with affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate trained me in doing all four.

  1. Make a website about a topic (niche) you choose
  2. Write articles (posts) about your topic
  3. Link to products from companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, BestBuy, etc.
  4. Earn money from sales

As of 2016, there are 286,942,362 Internet users in the United States alone and 3.75 billion Internet users worldwide. This is an overwhelming statistic. You should not just read it and move on. Imagine the opportunities in those numbers. In those numbers are people and every one of those people is looking for information to help them with a need or a desire that they have. If you can identify a need or a desire that you are passionate about and can tell your story of how to overcome that need or obtain that desire, then you can help those people. As you do that, your website will gain traffic and some of that traffic will buy products that are on your site. It’s that simple. If you provide help and gain trust, you will be rewarded with sales. Three of the biggest topics on the Internet that always get a lot of attention and traffic are a person’s Health, Wealth and Love life. If you notice they are all a need or desire and these will always draw traffic to your website and provide sales opportunities. Here they are broken down into some of the possible subcategories and even sub-subcategories.

Weight loss (diet plans, books, and supplements)
Muscle building (exercise plans, foods, and supplements)
Natural healing (books, herbs, and supplements)

Retire early (opportunities, books, and coaching)
Start a business (opportunities, books, and programs)
Get out of debt (opportunities, books, and programs)

Find love (advice, dating sites, and books)
Get your ex back (advice, books, and counseling)
Wedding planning (advice, cakes, dresses, magazines, etc.)

As you can see, just in those 3 topics, you can develop a business online by helping people get what they need or desire. There are millions of topics you can choose to start a business with. I could be a hobby you are passionate about, a sport you love to follow, a car you love or a style of clothing you wear.

Can you learn to make money online?

The answer to that is a resounding, YES! I started out just like you. I was a total beginner at online affiliate marketing. In fact, I didn’t really understand what affiliate marketing is. It was when I started investigating and found out, that I knew in my heart this was something I could do and you can too. I recommend getting started with Wealthy Affiliate and here is why.

The World’s Best Training

There are over 500 training modules within the Wealthy Affiliate community that teach you every aspect of affiliate marketing from building your first website through the highest levels of the industry. Most other Internet marketing programs are a book or a series of videos that you have access to. There is more training added every day by the Wealthy Affiliate community that is up to date with current trends

No one offers the quality and quantity of training that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Live Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

As you get started, you are going to have some question and make some mistakes. I did too, and that’s where the fantastic support from the two owners and the affiliate community will help you. There is always someone to answer your questions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can even take part in a live chat with the community members and get an answer immediately at most times. You’ll just see the solution to your problem pop up in the chat window seconds after you’ve posted your question. Someone else has already gone through what you’re experiencing and is more than happy to help.

Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs

You are joining a community of successful entrepreneurs in the affiliate marketing business. You’ll be able to meet them in the online community, interact with them and get to know them. They will help you, they will input into your success. I owe my success in affiliate marketing to the wealthy affiliate training and the help of the community of entrepreneurs.

How You Can Get A Free Starter Membership

Fortunately for me, Wealthy Affiliate is not an organization that asks you to pay upfront for training to get started in affiliate marketing. Truth be told, this is one of the aspects that drew my attention while doing research into the affiliate marketing business. Even so, I was not looking to get involved with an online scam.

When I checked out what is offered by Wealthy Affiliate for free, I had no reason to feel I was going to get scammed and decided to sing up for the free membership and so can you. With the free membership, you’ll see what the world’s best training is like. You’ll experience the 24/7 support that is so crucial, and you’ll meet the community of successful entrepreneurs at Wealthy Affiliate.

Everything we talked about above is available with your free membership for NO MONEY at all. They don’t even ask you for a credit card number, so you don’t need to worry about getting scammed on your credit card.

You have total access to all these great things for 7 days, and then you’ll be given the opportunity to upgrade to a Premium membership. You’ll get to keep your free website even if you don’t choose to upgrade at that time.

What’s Included When You Choose A Premium Membership?

The chart below tells the whole story. The differences between the Free Starter membership and Premium membership are many after the first 7 days. But those first 7 days will give you a great start and let you see the potential of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Many members start out with the Premium membership from day one. One thing you need to realize is the cost of the Premium membership is much less than you’d pay just to get started with buying a domain and monthly web hosting fees on your own for just one site but you can host 50 sites at Wealthy Affiliate and get all the best training to boot. For me, there is nothing else like Wealthy Affiliate available on the web. It helped me get my first website up and making a profit and it can for you too.


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