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Work At Home On Your Time
Work At Home On Your Time

Do you have a computer and Internet access at home? Have you thought about the increase in income you might realize by becoming a blogger? This is a great idea for seniors, especially those who don’t have the ability to do jobs requiring physical exertion and for those who don’t have transportation available to get to a job location. Blogger – Affiliate Marketing is a great choice for just about anyone.

You may ask “What is a blogger? A blogger is a person who regularly writes material for a blog. A blog is a website where you write your thoughts or opinions about a topic. Photography bloggers write about techniques and cameras and lighting, etc. A mommy blogger writes about baby bottles, diapers, and car seats, etc. You get the idea.

Building A Business From The Couch
Building A Business From The Couch

You may also ask “Who is going to want to read a blog written by me?”. Well, you may be surprised who would read what you have to say. The whole idea is to pick a subject that you are passionate about and write what you know and write what will inspire and help others with the same passion as you. There are millions of subjects that you can blog about and there are 286,942,362 Internet users in the US alone as of 2016 and 3.75 Billion people who now use the Internet worldwide. Every one of them gets on the Internet looking for information about something. That’s too large a potential audience for anyone to ignore. The fact is there are large corporations like Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay, and thousands of others who are not ignoring these statistics and are willing to pay you (a blogger) a percentage for sales that come to them through your blog site.

Work From Anywhere
Work From Anywhere

You can start a blog on any subject from A to Z and as you gain a presence and a following on your blog with people who have the same interest as you, they have access to the advertisements on your site. If you have an interest in classic cars, you could start a blog about the best classic car shows and where they are held throughout the country. You could even travel to the shows and do interviews with car owners and post them on your blog along with pictures and videos of their show cars. If you have a passion for knitting, you could write a blog about the best yarns and where to buy them. You could write about tips and tricks to better knitting. You just need to write your blog and add new information to build your reader base and keep them interested. That will help you increase your visibility on the Internet which will bring more readers to your site. That’s all the heavy lifting there is. This is the plan that I’m pursuing as a way to build a business that will provide extra income for my retirement and I am making a monthly income now. In fact, you are reading my blog right now and I can do it all from my living room sofa or from a beach in Florida with a laptop or even a smartphone. You can become a blogger today and start making extra income. I use the Wealth Affiliate site and to start out, I received two free websites along with free training and you can too. You did read correctly, it is FREE. Get started now by clicking here and signing up for your websites. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start earning extra income.

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