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The Fruit Of Your Labor
The Fruit Of Your Labor

I added this category name for a family member. He is now a retired High School Music Instructor who said: “All I want to do is retire after 35 years of teaching and become a Greeter at Walmart.”. But honestly, retail sales could be a good option if you are looking to make some part-time money in retirement. For example, Walmart has announced they are raising their starting wage to $11.00 per hour spurred by the new tax cuts announced in 2017. Additionally, employees will receive a yearly bonus starting at $200 for employees with less than two years tenure with Walmart and up to $1000 for those with 20 years tenure with.

If you like the idea of working in retail sales or management and have the personality needed to deal with the public, make a determination where you would like to work. Maybe you have a favorite national retail chain that you’d like to work for or it could be a local small business. Many retail companies offer special discounts to their employees, so if you like using certain brands or type of merchandise, you may want to apply at a store that sells those things that you like to purchase. It will help you save money on your purchases and still supplement your retirement income.

Check It Out
Check It Out

Almost all job searches start online these days, so go to the website of the store you’d like to work for. Look for a link which may be all the way at the bottom of the website that says JOBS or CAREERS. If it is a national retail chain, you’ll need to fill out some information that will determine your location and give you access to positions that are open in your area. With the kind of retail job you’d like to do in mind, look at the job descriptions of what seems closest to your desires. You may find that there are other positions that are available that would be more suitable for you than your original choice. Make sure you consider all the requirements of the position and whether you are able to do what is required. Make sure they have the part-time or full-time position you want before submitting your application. You should already have your personal resume and cover letter ready to upload to the site as there will be a link provided that will allow you to upload it from your computer. Make sure that your resume includes any previous retail sales or management you’ve done and the personal attributes that you believe will make you a good retail worker.

If you are looking for some part-time or full-time employment, retail sales is an area where you can work a variety of hourly shifts. I believe that as the US economy continues to grow and manufacturing jobs return to the US, many workers moving into those manufacturing jobs will be leaving positions open in retail sales. That will create a need to hire more sales associates in all the major retailers, not just Walmart.

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